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SMART Belt Filter


SMART belt filter is water particles separation equipment which is suitable for industrial recirculating aquaculture, it has adopted new patented integrated timing belt filter.

  1. Details

SMART Belt Filter -Economical & high efficient 

SMART belt filter is water particles separation equipment which is suitable for industrial recirculating aquaculture, it has adopted new patented integrated timing belt filter

Aquaculture Crawler-type Microfiltration Machine.jpg

  • anti-deviation guider 

  • energy saving type backwash 

  • water level auto-monitoring

  • inverter motor

  • fault alarm function

SMART belt filter is a high efficient separation equipment for the recirculating water particles, it can remove those suspended particles over than 30μm(diam.) from water effectively, this machine has these advantages: 

  • easy installation 

  • small floor area

  • high reliability good filtering effect

  • low operating cost

  • easy maintenance

Aquaculture Crawler-type Microfiltration Machine.jpg

5 advantages

1. integrated timing belt filter

high synchronization, high tensile strength, good sealing, solve the net off tracking problem

2. water level auto-monitoring

It has automatic water level monitor, based on system setting, microfiltration machine runs in full auto mode and without staff on duty.

3. backwash device and drain groove

Microfiltration machine makes backwash automatically, coordinating with special drain groove, the whole system can save lot of water & power and is easy to clean.

4. inverter controll

The driving motor adopts frequency inverter control, it is not only energy conservation, but also can protects the motor effectively to prolong the motor service life.

5. whole-new design

SMART belt filter has a whole-new design, comparing with other types microfiltration machine, it has the advantages of less floor area, easy installation, larger effective filtering area, and high reliability.

Good Product Quality Assurance

SMART belt filter has a rational layout, with reliable & safety structure and components. For the ponds with high humidity, high corrosion environment, the whole part has been made by anti-corrision materials, the electrical control part has been intergrated sealed, which makes the machine has the durable, safe and reliable quality.

Real Time Monitoring and Operation

Through friendly site HMI, operators can monitor and controll the machine working status quickly.

Via remote data transmission, real time commuciation has been realized between computer with SMART belt filter controller, the working status and various warning messages are displayed in real time mode on the remote terminals.

Small Scale SMART Belt Filter

Small Scale Microfiltration Machine.jpg

It is specially designed by HISHING for the small quantity of recirculating water users, such as RAS fry culture system, RAS experiment system, etc., to fur ther meet different practical requirements and to save users’ investment.


microfiltration machine specification.jpg

Drive Power (kW)0.040.370.550.751.1
Backwash (kW)   0.370.550.550.550.75
Length (mm)  7961654209524632885
Width (mm)41679899812981398
Height (mm)610880117414671762
Aperture (μm) 41 - 158 

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