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    Smart RAS Fry Culture System


    Smart RAS Fry Culture System is the industrial recirculating aquaculture system which is suitable for the fry breeding stage.

    1. Details

    Smart RAS Fry Culture System

    It is the industrial recirculating aquaculture system which is suitable for the fry breeding stage, it has the following sub-system:

    Recirculating Water Treatment System.jpg

    ▇ Recirculating Water Treatment System

    • Parent Fish Temporary Culture

    • Parental Induction Cultivation System

    • The Two Stage Fry Rearing System

    • Seedling Experiment System

    ▇ Workshop Water Supply & Drainage System

    ▇ Workshop Air Supply System 

    Workshop Oxygen Supply System

    Workshop Power Supply System

    Water Quality Treatment Process:

    • water body mechanical fine filtration

    • CO2 removal

    • ammonia nitrogen removal

    • UV sterilization

    • oxygen treatment

    • temperature control

    to meet the water quality requirement for the seed rearing system.

    Smart RAS Fry Culture System.jpg

    Equipment Configuration & Process Flow Chart

    Fry culture system consists of the following main equipment

    FLOW CHART.png

    This system can be designed and customized at user’s request.

    Smart Real Time Monitoring & Operating Software System

    This system is equipped with site screen touch operation system , which is convient for monitoring and operating at site. The whole system not only can real time monitor all the equipment running status and faults information throught the site, control center, remote internet or handheld terminal, but also can modify or control the equipment running status at any time.

    This system can meansure:

    • Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)

    • Oxygen Saturation (%)

    • Salinity (‰)

    • Water Temperature (℃)

    • PH

    • ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

    • other parameters as request

    Dissolved Oxygen.jpg

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