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Rail-type Auto Fish Feeder


Smart rail-type fish feeder is specially designed for the large scale industrial recirculating aquaculture automatica feeding system.

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Smart Rail-type Fish Feeder 

Smart rail-type fish feeder is specially designed for the large scale industrial recirculating aquaculture automatica feeding system. One feeder can feed many pools in the same line. This system can operate in full automatic mode during the whole feeding procedure, including automatic loading , automatic feeding at designated points and fixed time in fixed quantity, coordinated with the full automatic loading system, it has realized the 24 hours full automation without human duty.

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Advantages VS Manual Feeding:

  • save lots of manpower in the feeding stage

  • prevent feed contamination from the human touch solve the problem of excess & less feeding

  • feeding time & feeding frequency can be arbitrarily setted

▇ Accurate Weighting

Smart fish feeder makes an accurate feeding weighting throught a microprocessor, the total accumulated feeding quantity tolerance is controlled within 100 grams for 24 hours.

▇ Extreme Low Feed Broken Rate 

With the application of rotary spreading device, smar t fish feeder has an extreme low feed broken rate.

▇ Accurate Positioning

Through those positioning devices installed over each pools, this system can make the accurate feeding to each pool at the fixed time in the fixed quantity.

▇ High Efficient Spreading

Smart fish feeder runs on the hanged track in the air, when the feeder runs to the setted pool center, the feed are spreaded evenly in circle, the feeding area covers most part of the aquaculture water area evenly, the spreading range can be setted according to clients’s request.

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